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Greetings my dear dA people! Just writing something, as it's been a while since my last update. I keep visiting here constantly, but haven't really contributed much myself. However I do have some stuff ready and waiting to be scanned.

I have received several requests of artwork and occasionally I pick out some. Also many requests concerning book illustrating, logo designs, requests to use my artwork in Youtube-videos etc. etc.
As glad as I am of you to ask (and I encourage you to continue to do so, when you want to use someone's artwork in your personal projects) I have to turn most of the requests down. There are couple of reasons for this; at the moment my time for these projects is very limited. I had a two-week vacation, of which most was spent in Northern Norway and Finnish Lapland. Now, I'm back putting ink into people. Also, I have a sideproject from which you will hear more next year (if all turns out as promised) and numerous little projects. I'll be traveling more this year, some work-related and some even for a short holiday.
The second reason is financial. Most of the inquires resemble this: "Hi! Luv ur artwork!!! can u like do this awsum pic with thisandthis 4 my comin fantasybook im workin on? Its like reely BIG thing 4 me. K thanx bye!!!". I have done commissions for books, web sites, music bands. They pay for stuff they order from me. As much as I like the enthusiasm of some young writers and who knows what they might turn up in the future, I know some aren't going to 1) use any money, 2) publish this particular project of theirs, 3) even use what I have created for them. Call me cynical, but that's the sad truth.
When someone wants to use something I have already done, for some personal (non profit) projects, just ask. I'm usually a nice guy.

- Tuomas,
struggling in a heat wave.

Tuomas K INK tattoo blog
Putka Tattoo & Piercing
Vuolteenkatu 20, 33100 Tampere, FINLAND
Phone number can be found from the site.
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lenlenlen1 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Professional General Artist
Struggling in a heat wave? Whats the heat wave in Finland? :giggle:
Alexanderlovegrove Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Looking forward to the new work!
tuomaskoivurinne Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:thumbsup: I'm trying to use my spare time wisely.
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Submitted on
August 4, 2014