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So, I went to see a monster film...

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 18, 2015, 11:44 AM
Year is 1993 and I'm a school kid going into cinema to see something fascinating. I've been interested in dinosaurs from... I don't even know when, before I started to actually have good, sensible recollections of things.
In Finland, I had never seen any "real" dinosaur movies (I had access to three television channels) and this one had a proper hype even before it hit the theatres (something that's quite normal today). I was equally enthusiastic after seeing the film. Jurassic Park, naturally. To me this stood for what the new discoveries in paleontology had made us understand: the dinosaurs were real, moving animals, not just dumb swamp-dwelling monsters. To me, this was SCIENCE fiction, with "science" capitalized. And suddenly I was living the "dinosaur renaissance" to the full.
The "JP raptor vs. real  Velociraptor" debate soon rose and it was considered an "educated" notion to question the film (although for a short time the discovery of Utahraptor mixed things a bit). As was the Dilophosaurus's size, frill and being venomous.

My enthusiasm to dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals never ceased and it's something I have taken with me to this day. I can even say that, occasionally, it's part of my job. Eventhough I never became a paleontologist. 
Over the years I started to dislike the Jurassic Park-franchise (most likely because it never evolved, even when my own understanding of dinosaurs did) and viewed my early interest towards the film as a little kid's enthusiasm to something that looked so awesome.
I think the final nail to the coffin was JP III, and I believe many of you agree. This was viewed by a whole different, equally enthusiastic, generation and spawned the social media-dwelling "Spino fanboys". Following the horrible pseudo-documentaries only interested in biggest-baddest-most-kickass-monstersaurs, I lost hope of film makers willing to make something else besides monster films. So I started to keep the two separated: I can go watch a monster film if I want to and I can go read about new discoveries that shed more light into the ancient world where there were amazing animals that we now call dinosaurs.

And now it's 2015. I just saw the "you-know-what" and I must admit I was trying my best to keep myself at bay (I even went alone, as I knew I would ruin it from anyone accompanying me). I'm not yet sure how to react. At least it's now done and I'm not going to pay to see it again.
The film itself had some good moments (at least better than the previous one) and nice action scenes, but was that all just build on the preliminary hype?
As we all know, the film is filled with scientific inaccuracies and this has been discussed way before anyone even saw the film itself and I agree... the lack of feathers, hand posture, pteranodons, mosasaurus size, Stegosaurus tail etc. etc. and yes, you can now just make up your own super predators. Darren Naish was right calling the film a major leap backwards on the scientific level. 
Interesting to see, how hardcore Spinosaurus fans react, now that their favourite dinosaur wasn't there to dwarf everything (even the park's skeletal display was demolished, as if retrospective-symbolically, by T. rex, wow...) The new, semi-aquatic, quadrupedal, fish-eating Spinosaurus isn't what you wanted it to be? I think it is cool.

As for human characters... I don't know how they train in US Navy, but Owen character's trigger disclipline seems to come and go. I was willing to sacrifice either one (or both) of the brats. But SPOILER ALERT they simply don't f*cking die.
I actually liked the Lowery guy and his view of the park, it's creations and corprorations. Is it possible that the character was created deliberately to tame the rant they know was coming from outside the larger audience?

Might be that my interest in real prehistoric world and animals is too deep in me. I think I want to get back to actual paleontological community and…

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